Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mark Slutty Davis

Slutty are you been hiding from me? or you want me to find you on Belk? I was in Miss Gaymecock Sucker 2010 but since you just suck dicks in 5 points is not possible see you there... where is your lawyers or your cops? Oh I know they are busy getting a blowjob by you... that's why I can't see you... What happened with the MARK SLUTTY DAVIS that I was going against it?


  1. I feel like you are running out of things to say... am I wrong?? Your blog is shit just like yourself. The name is Devin I can say that because unlike you I don't need to hide behind a blog username, to tell you what I think of your complete and utter bull shit that you have been posting. You're a fucking sad excuse of a person and I can't wait till you get whats coming to you. People like you are what make up the scum that walks this earth, so why cant you man up and talk trash to all the people you have on here instead of hiding behind a fucking username... oh ya thats right because you're a scumbag and on top of that a pussy.

  2. LOL LOL LOL... a typical response from someone who doesn't have anything to say, or most likely did not understand the original comment to begin with. I'm just making sure Xclusive: you can read English right. I mean you aren't using google translate or anything because it kinda seems that otherwise your pretty retarded. I would hate to be bashing someone who has a mental deficiency. It would be like taking candy from Helen Keller. Its just not right. So if you are retarded let me know, I will go alot easier on you.

    However onto the point. I seriously doubt that Mark was in 5 pts getting gang banged by all of Columbia P.D. I mean that might happen in the fucked up sex dream you have about him, but I am pretty sure nothing of the sort happened last night.

    So just to save some face, please find a story to talk about. This dribble right here is just rather annoying. I mean I find it fascinating that someone can be so completely obsessed with so many different people that he doesn't know. You know, I would love to write a paper about you. I'll call it, "The intricacies of schizophrenia and the complexities of obsession."


  4. If you write a paper send me a copy... so I can put it on my blog.. and maybe I can post something coming from you so you won't be mad at me anymore cuz I don't post anything about you not even a lie LOL