Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The War is on SuperXclusive Vs The Cheap whores

Hey Bitches I'm back and sorry for the delay I was out of town but now back to business, WOW this is getting better of what I thought over 6,000 page-views and some whores say I've failed. If 6,000 page-views in just 3 days is fail all I have to say is I'm so proud. All these attacks make my ego bigger than ever and is a evidence  of how well I'm doing my job, some whores are saying that all I've done is make you all get unite  well baby that's exactly what I want all of you unite as a single garbage with a single purpose But I don't really understand why all of you have to unite to fight against someone that has failed already? and now is the LBGT, Cops, FBI, CIA, Justice Department, US Congress and who else is looking for me? HA HA HA I'm so scared BOO, This just reveal how pathetic you guys are, I'm here to stay like it or not you will have to deal with that and for those cheap Drags you wish at least have 200 people in a single show while I've 6,000 and growing  and you whores say I don't have any power? LOL and yeah my blog looks like Perez Hilton maybe that's the reason of all my successes but before say again that I've failed think again. I want you to ask yourself What have you done in the last 4 days? Oh I know just talk about SX Think about SX and dream with SX  
some of you don't even sleep to stay on my blog  but thank god I've fail HAHAHA. BTW if all of you are unite why over 50 people has vote for Miss Disgrace? Well Bitches while the cops and computer experts do their job  I'll be busy blogging new entry so go get your coke, popcorn and the ice cream and sit your fat ass and watch me.



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